Award Winning Towton Video


Towton’s  centrepiece trailer, narrated by Robert Hardy, won an award at the Royal Television Society Yorkshire Awards ceremony on Monday 11th June for “best promotional” video. It faced stiff competition from fellow short-listed entrants but surged to victory in a nail-biting finish.

The award went to TBS friend and producer Roger Keech who acknowledges the superb acting skills of our patron, Robert Hardy and the contribution from TBS.

The idea was spawned one autumnal evening in the Greyhound at Saxton by our Web Design Team of Dave Skillen, Chris Murphy and Peter Algar.
The boys put a lot of painstaking work [and several beers!] into the script and Roger picked up on this to weave a fantastic story about our battle.

Thanks must also go to Mark Taylor and Jill Thorley for approving the
initial budget.

TBS Chairman Mark Taylor says, “This is a tremendous achievement for TBS. It is a great feather in our cap.  The broad skillset of TBS never ceases to amaze me.”

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  1. R J Prawdzik says:

    Great to read about the video. Where is the link to watch it?

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