The Towton Tapestry is a project to record, in various forms of needlecraft, both the history of the Battle of Towton and the work to preserve and promote the battle that is carried out by the TBS, to find out more about the project please see their page on Facebook at Towton Tapestry Group

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  1. Paul Marshall says:

    My name is Paul Marshall, we as a family hail from the Selby area for many generations. I have managed to trace elements of our family back to the 17c. Mostly my family were farmers, peasant farmers but some were in the judicial trade. It would seem that at some point my family were involved in the battle at Towton, though it is very difficult to prove this. My family were mainly butchers & farmers around Bubwith, Selby, Drax, Holme on Spalding Moor and others. I would imagine that my family were involved in providing food, though I have no real proof of this.
    My Grandmother had assured me as a boy that we had been Custodians at Wressle Castle at the time of the battle leaves me with some questions. To this point I would like to visit this site, maybe my ancestors were there fighting the fight, I would think this is quite probable
    I would like to visit and meet you with my friend. I am retired but very alert and open to your views.
    Look forward to hearing from you

    Kindest regards

    Paul Lindsey Marshall

    • admin says:

      Hello Paul

      A good time to visit would be our memorial day on Palm Sunday (as advertised on our website). We will have a society stand where you can say hello, as well as battlefield guides and many exhibitors who are very knowledgable about the battle and this time period. Alternatively come to one of our monthly talks at Saxton village hall.

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