Update on planning permission at The Gallops

We recently learned that conditional planning permission has been granted for the small traveller site on the land known as the Gallops which sits adjacent to the current registered battlefield. The decision is disappointing but not unexpected as Selby District Council have failed over a long period to have an effective plan to deliver sufficient traveller sites in the area and this was a deciding factor.
The planning inspector was considerate of the Battlefield and our input and work and considered that the Gallops were part of the registered Battlefield for the purpose of her study. Many thanks must go to all the members who emailed, wrote letters, attended meeting and opposed the plans, it did make a significant difference. As a result the inspectorate has imposed some important archaeological conditions. It is disappointing that those elected, those paid and those empowered to protect our heritage, support minorities and serve the community have failed and I am sure that those living in the catchment area of Selby will be asking questions of their planners and elected councillors. It is important to remember that it is SDC have not only let down the Battlefield but also the travelling community and local residents. We will still be urging SDC to correct the short fall in traveller pitches and continue to encourage Historic England to update the Battlefield register.
We would like to thank all of you for making a difference as every email and letter to SDC helped and every comment on the planning portal was important.
We will continue the fight to protect our heritage and we have already been in contact with key stakeholders and will be discussing our next steps.

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