Palm Sunday Battlefield Event 2016

As many of you will now be aware the Towton Battlefield Society have decided not to host a battlefield event in 2016.
Back in 2005 we would have a handful of tents and about 400 visitors . In 2015 we had well over a hundred re-enactors and nearly 2500 visitors . Its now time to revisit the format so that we can continue to host an event which is alligned to the location , resources, the need to be safe for all and the need to commemorate. It may be the that event becomes a bi-annual feature. The great success of this format can be attributed to the large number of supporters and friends who have given up time and effort and that deserves an enormous thank you. We will be looking to commemorate the date in house in 2016 and we have expanded our range of activities including talks, archery gatherings , workshops and guided battlefield walks throughout 2016 ( details on the event section of this page ) and we look forward to seeeing you at some point in the future. Many thanks for your understanding.

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  1. cindy hopkins says:

    I’m so disappointed to hear the Palm Sunday event is cancelled. We came in 2014, and it was a very moving and wonderful day. We were planning to come up in 2016 (from Devon, so we can’t travel up for individual walks, talks etc throughout the year). What a shame. I’d really been looking forward to it.
    I don’t think it will do much to promote interest in battlefield sites and historic re-enactment if events like this do not continue.
    Can this be re-thought? I’m sure I’m not the only one who will miss it.
    Regards, Cindy

  2. admin says:

    Dear Cindy

    It is quite humbling to know you were planning to travel so far and apologise for the dissapiontment.
    There is not much to add to the Blog, except that we do intend to hold a public Commemerative event in some form in the future, and of course the society remains very active. The decision to cancel this year was a difficult one for the committee to make, but it was thought important to make an early decision to allow Traders, Re-enactors and visitors alike to plan ahead.

  3. Julie Shaw says:

    Oh no, we are so so disappointed the ‘re-enactment event on Palm Sunday has been cancelled, being history buffs this date was one of the highlights for a great day out on our calendar.We’ve done the battlefield walk numerous times and love it but with the ‘re-enactment and walks on the same day it made it a great day out, disappointed especially as we were hoping to bring some other members of our family who we had been telling for a while now how brilliant the day was and for the first time could actually make it this year on Palm Sunday.
    Individual event dates sometimes just don’t seem to have the atmosphere some how, if you’ve a group of different ages who’s going when it’s all on one day there are so many different things going on for each different age group so families/groups can do or look at.
    Will this mean that at each individual event there will be a charge for entry, as usually it’s been a charge of £3.00 for the day’s events which was fantastic.
    Think this could be a backward step, so disappointed.

  4. Hi
    My wife (Joanna( and I have supported the Easter Towton event several times over the last 5 years (only missed once when we were in China) and we loved the atmosphere and laid back Yorkshire family style of the event.

    I do sincerely hope that you are not frightened off by your success. You have a wonderful site, and you are a wonderful group of people. I am sure that with some planning, and may be council support / funding with perhaps a park and ride only (with visitors paying for the service) you could avoid all the traffic problems and only allow re-enactors and traders to park on site.

    If you are having any ‘brainstorming’ sessions how to plan future events, please let us know. You are too far for us to be involved in the planning leading up to a future event, but we could travel up to help provide ideas, etc, how to find a solution to holding future events.

    Take care, regards to you all on Palm Sunday – we’ll be thinking of you all (both above and below ground.

    • admin says:

      Hi Robin

      Thankyou for your understanding mail.
      The committee had much soul searching on the best way to go forwards with the Commemoration Day, which we are all proud to be part of. The event being a victim of its own success, growed much bigger than ever imagined. The TBS is run by volunteers with such a large show it was a year long commitment for our small team, (especially in these days of never ending regulation) and the TBS is about much more than organising a one day show ! We have our AGM next month, if you are a member and would like to join the Committee to help shape the future please contact our Chairman Mark Taylor, you would be most welcome !

  5. Michael Barritt says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading! This year’s event is cancelled!!??Have you forgotten it’s the 555th Anniversary of the Battle of Towton! What a shame,especially when interest in The Wars of the Roses, and the Battle of Towton is getting bigger every year.Why cancel an event if its proving popular? What with the discovery of Richard 3rd recently,and the documentaries aired on tv fuelling peoples interest, increasing numbers of medieval battle re enactors, I’m baffled and annoyed by the Towton Battlefield committee to cancel the 2016 event. What’s even more staggering is that this year it’s the 555th Anniversary of the Battle of Towton!Bemused and baffled by your decision. Shame on the committee. Next year maybe. MB

  6. Helen Cox says:

    As one of the main organisers of the living history side of the event. I appreciate all the kind comments and am sorry to disappoint people who enjoyed coming to Palm Sunday. However, my self-employed husband and I can no longer afford to put in the hundreds of hours of unpaid labour that planning and delivery had entailed for us for the past decade – see So the decision to cancel is not one that I personally could re-think, although it would be nice if more local volunteers could come forward to take on the workload.

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