Please support the preservation of the Old London Road and archaeological dig
Old London Road, Towton is an ancient road which was certainly used at the time of the Battle of Towton in 1461 but some archaeologists and historians believe it may be much older, possibly even originally constructed by the Romans!
It is now a Public Bridleway, used by ramblers, dog walkers, horses and riders, residents and visitors following the Battlefield Trail and occasional agricultural vehicles. It is both part of the heritage of Towton and this part of Yorkshire and a community asset giving us access to our outstanding countryside and offering a place for leisure and exercise for all of us. However, over the decades the surface has degraded – so we want to improve it for residents today and preserve it for future generations. Towton Parish Council is to bid for funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund to resurface parts of the Old London Road where it has become severely rutted and remains muddy and virtually impassable after heavy rainfall. This is a move the Towton Battlefield Society supports, and encourages you to show you to show your support to enable a Heritage Lottery Fund bid.
A successful (Heritage Lottery Fund) bid will also enable the council to commission a modest archaeological project to determine the road’s original construction and date. We also plan other activities to enable full community involvement such as further bulb planting, talks,demonstrations and an exhibition about the battlefield and Old London Road as well as a competition in local Tadcaster Schools.
To win the grant it is vital we can show that local residents of all ages support the initiative and will participate in it.
Please show your support by sending a letter or an e-mail to the Clerk of the Parish Council ([email protected]) or Cllr Graham Webb, White House Cottage, Main Street,Towton, LS24 9PB ([email protected]) who is coordinating the bid. We would love to hear what Old London Road means to you and if you would volunteer to help at any local events, participate in the archaeological dig or just attend and generally support this project.

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