New Visitors Information Centre building at the Crooked Billet

For a number of years we have had a cabin at the Crooked Billet Saxton, which has been used as a Information Centre for visitors (the “VIC”). This allowed us to display materials and show the history of the battlefield. Unfortunately this old, temporary building was failing, with a leaking roof amongst other things. Having rescued all our displays we set about looking for a replacement, and are pleased to have found one. We are now the proud owner of a secure, dry and warm steel “cabin” complete with access ramp and painted an environmentally friendly green!  We are now looking at re-vamping all our materials and displays to give a even better experience.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with this project, especially the Crooked Billet for their encouragement and support.

Please note the “VIC” is not yet ready for use, and is not always open due to staffing. Please check availability if travelling any distance.

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