Celebration as Historic England extend the Registered Battlefield Boundary for Towton ! :) :)

This is the cause for celebration , after many years of campaigning, meetings , endless phone calls and hard work we have finally won a significant extension of the Battlefield boundary at Towton. This is the first time since the creation of the register that a battlefield boundary has been altered so significantly. This extension will future proof the protection of our Battlefield for many years ahead.
A big thank you to all that have helped and supported this , especially Tim Sutherland , Julian Humphrys and Simon Marsh of the Battlefields Trust, and to all those who have raised their voice, sent emails , opposed planning applications, joined the TBS and promoted Towton to the wider world.
The Register entry for Towton, together with an updated map, has now been published on the National Heritage List for England, you will need a pdf reader.

Click here for the Historic England website or here for a New Towton Battlefield Boundary map

The Register was established to increase awareness of the existence of battlefields, to encourage their protection and conservation and to promote a better understanding of their significance. The register is recognised as material consideration in planning decisions. Following any application which would impact a battlefield local planning authorities must, take into account the special historic interest of the area. Local planning authorities are guided by government towards protecting registered battlefields when preparing their local development plans.
Well done to all involved , this has been a collective action by so many and anyone who has joined the TBS and helped raise the profile of Towton over the years has made this happen. It has been a long journey , it was back in 2009 when we first began to raise the issue, the first landowner agreement came in to play in 2011 culminating in a public meeting in 2012 with English Heritage and then we have had a few years of meetings, emails , phone calls , frustration and protest . However all things come to those who have patience and persevere ! We must thank the Battlefields Trust who have supported the process in recent years and have worked alongside the TBS.

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