Battlefield Walk on 13th May 2021

The walk is a circuit of part of the battlefield. It starts in the village of Towton and moves up to where the Lancastrian forces stood at the start of the battle. The guide will describe the events that lead up to this fateful day, the battles at Ferrybridge, Dintingdale and Towton and will lead the group around the area across which the rout took place. Key locations will be viewed, and topics including the combatants, English society, the weapons and armour in use at the time will be discussed.

The walk is along an undulating grass farm path, approximately 4 kilometres (two and a half miles) long and will take between two and a half and three hours to complete. Stout footwear is recommended as the trail can be muddy.

Each walk will be led by a guide from the Towton Battlefield Society.

We do not charge for the walk but are pleased to accept donations (Gift Aided if possible). The amount is at the discretion of the walkers but suggest that £5 might be an appropriate donation.

Our next walk will be on the 13th June 2021 and we can now have up to 20 people on the walk.

The link to register for the walk is here:

The walk starts at 10:30 from the barn on Old London Road in Towton. Please park near the barn.


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