We are pleased to announce the updated list of battlefield walks for 2018. We aim to do two walks per month – but obviously need to have volunteers to lead them so keep visiting this page as when we can put more walks on this is where they will be shown.

All walks begin at the Rockingham Arms in Towton at 10.30am and all are on a Sunday. You do not have to be a member of the TBS to come along.

Please note that the Society has decided to charge a fee of £4 per head.

The Rockingham Arms car park is for users of the pub only, if you are going to the pub after the walk that’s ok, if not can you please park near the barn on Old London Road. Please park considerately so as not to cause any problems for the residents

The walk dates we have are as follows:


14th Jan

11th March

27th May

22nd July

26th Aug

28th Oct

28th Jan

8th April

10th June

5th Aug

9th Sept

11th Nov

11th Feb

22nd April

24th June

12th Aug

23rd Sep

25th Nov

25th Feb

13th May

8th  July

19th Aug

14th Oct

9th Dec