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Palm Sunday Archers

Archery target with arrows stuck in.

The Palm Sunday Archers are an enthusiastic group who meet once a month at the Crooked Billet public house (Saxton, Tadcaster, LS24 9QN).

We are part of the Towton Battlefield Society, and our aim is to preserve the skills and craft of the traditional longbow, a weapon that has helped forge English history.

You do not have to be a member to attend. Just turn up and our experienced archers will be on hand to coach beginners in a safe environment. That way you can determine whether archery is for you. All ages are welcome. We have specially adapted bows for children and full-size bows for those who want to realise their childhood dreams of becoming a budding Robin Hood.

We’re sure you will enjoy the fresh air, exercise, and companionship.

Our shoots start from 09.00am and run through until 13:00.

The Palm Sunday Archers at the Robert Hardy Shoot

What types of shoot do you do and what affiliations does the club have (NFAS/EFAA/AGB etc)?

Our shoots are target based social events and not serious, we have one club competition per year called The Robert Hardy Memorial. Robert Hardy was our patron.

What makes Palm Sunday Archers such a special club? What makes you different? 

The Palm Sunday Archers are different in that we aim to keep archery practice alive, also as part of Towton Battlefield Society we play our part in raising interest in the battle and preserving the battlefield for the future. There are no bow weight restrictions so warbow archers are more than welcome all we ask is that everyone uses target safe points.

Do you have any special events, targets or club activities? 

We are hoping to organise a yearly rove on or as close as possible to the battlefield. And an open day where members of the public can come have a go and chat about the history of the English longbow.

I can see that you are connected to Towton Battlefield Society – what is this and how does it work? What kinds of things do you do?

Being part of Towton Battlefield Society and Frei Compagnie living history means that we have a strong focus on medieval military archery. 

Towton Battlefield Society lead guided tours of the battlefield and monthly talks in Saxon village hall.

How can people get in touch to find out more and/or join your club?

If anyone would like to know more our web address is all our event and shoot dates are listed on there. Including info on joining.

The Palm Sunday Archers at Archery practice at The Crooked Billet

As a member, what does Palm Sunday Archers mean to you?

Being a member means a lot to me, I’ve met some lovely people and made some very good friends in particular Phil Hancock who helps me run the shoots and usually gives up his time to supervise have a go archers, and Ken Wilkinson who is there every morning to set up the targets and shooting line with myself and Phil. PSA is where I had my first archery experience and met Ian Coote who not only taught me bowyery but became a very good friend. So yes, the Palm Sunday Archers are special to me.

What is it about field archery that you love the most?

What I love most is the people you meet and the friends you make, also getting outside in nature, however my favourite type of archery has to be roving, there’s something about watching arrows go skyward. 

What benefits does field archery give you and/or others that engage with the sport?

I think the benefits of field archery would be the varying targets and different terrain making each target different making for a more complete archer.

When is your next shoot and what type of shoot is it?

Our next shoot will be a target shoot at straw bosses. A friendly gathering that’s good fun and good practice.

What is the best thing about Palm Sunday Archers?

I’d say the best thing about PSA is our relaxed attitude and our shoots. We have members young and old of varying abilities. We encourage bystanders to have a go for free and by doing so we are generating interest in Towton Battlefield and the Battle itself.

Your information says that you meet at “The Crooked Billet” in Saxton – can you tell us more about it?

Thanks to the generosity of the landlady Laura we meet up and shoot at the Crooked Billet pub located between Saxton and Towton. The pub does fantastic Sunday lunches, and I can highly recommend the giant Yorkshire pudding.

Your gatherings are open to everyone – how does this work?

Yes, our shoots are open to anyone for free however we do encourage TBS membership after the first couple of shoots, it’s not expensive and it’s a great little place to come practice.