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What Do We Offer?

We can come to you

A number of members of the Society are happy to deliver talks to local groups and these have been well received by the organisations to whom we have spoken.

Towton Battlefield Society giving a  public talk
Waiting for the talk to start

In addition to the Battle of Towton, we can offer talks about other aspects of the medieval period and medieval life.

We can also deliver talks about non-fifteenth century history, such as the Siege of York in 1644 for example.

Towton Battlefield Society member giving a talk and showing a replica weapon
An English Bill

Happy to Zoom

(other on line meeting software is available)

If you are a bit too far away from our part of Yorkshire to allow for a personal visit, we have experience of delivering talks via Zoom or Teams. We can accept donations via PayPal, so we could even consider requests from groups outside of the UK.

You can come to us

We can also offer, in addition to our two public walks per month, both individual guided walks around the battlefield trail, and more tailored bespoke visits to the battlefield and our Visitor Information Centre.

We have delivered this service to Family parties, Societies, U3A groups, WI groups, members of the Armed Forces, and a many individual visitors.

Visit from the Lancers
Visit from the Lancers
Army Educational Training Services
Army Educational Training Services
Loughborough Grammar School Visit
Loughborough Grammar School Visit


We have a display of replica period clothing and replica weapons that we can bring into school. Some of these items can be handled by the children (and staff).

We also have a number of presentations that can be delivered. The content is set at a level for the age groups and is discussed with the school staff prior to delivery.

Replica clothing and weapons for school talk
Replica clothing and weapons
School talk
School talk

Community Events

We can provide a staffed information stand at village galas, fetes, shows.

In addition to this, our affiliate organisation “Frei Compagnie” can provide a living history display from the times of the Wars of the Roses.

Community Event at Kirkby Warfe 2022
Kirkby Warfe 2022
Event at Bramham 2019
Bramham Gala 2019
Selby Medieval Day 2022
Selby Medieval Day 2022
Event at Sheriff Hutton 2019
Sheriff Hutton 2019

Do we charge?

These activities are provided by volunteers from the Society and we only ask for a donation to Society funds. The amount being proportionate to the event.

… but we do need bit of notice please

If you have a request for us to assist you in this way, please get in touch as soon as you know you might need us. We have bookings for this year and already have some bookings for next year.

We would appreciate as much notice as possible, preferably at least six months’ notice.

This is to ensure that we have volunteers available to meet the ‘bookings’.