Gode Cookery - Reference for cooking, art, and more

Ridgeside Falconry

Andrew Boardman, Writer – Great site with loads of info

Graham Turner, Artist - Great Towton images

Stephen Hines; Artist and Sculpture

Trinity Court Pottery - Reproduction pottery

Kate Tiler - Medieval tiles

Hector Cole - Arrow heads and blacksmithing

The Craft Guild of Bowyers and Fletchers – Modern crafts guild

Richard Head Longbows, Bowyer

Bickerstaff Longbows, Bowyer

Grozer Bows, Bowyer & Asiatic Bows

Karl Robinson – Beautiful replica historical leatherworker

Reproduction period Shoemaker

Robin Wood Woodturner

The House of De Clifford - Specialist furriers

Kittys Hats - Replica period hats

White Rose Castings - Buckles and buttons


Sword and Armour Manufacturers :

Armour Class

Albion Swords

Tod’s Stuff - A vartiety of replica historical items ‘made to be used’

Heron Armoury - Tim Noyes

St George Armoury - Mark Vickers

Lancaster Armourie

White Rose Armouries - Plate armour

White Rose Brigandines - Proper brigandines

Deborah Lough Historical Costumes and The Padded Armour Company