The objectives of the Towton Battlefield Society are threefold. 
Namely, to:

1) promote the permanent preservation as a site of historic interest for the benefit of the general public, the site known specifically as Towton Battlefield, in the region of the Plain of York, North Yorkshire.

2) promote education for the general public in medieval history, particularly in relation to the Battle of Towton.

3) promote for public benefit, research into medieval history with particular reference to the Battle of Towton and to publish the useful results of such research.

By reading the pages on this Website, we hope to show that we are meeting these objectives.

Led by Chairman, Mark Taylor, the TBS comprises an enthusiastic team of volunteers who work tirelessly to preserve the memory of Palm Sunday 1461 and the integrity of the battlefield. Working with the local community, we recently spear-headed a campaign to successfully draw attention to and help fight against an application to buy and develop land adjacent to the battlefield. We also have an arrangement with the local Police Force to clamp down on illegal metal detecting and other heritage crimes.

Towton has since become a blueprint for other battlefield organisations. The unique soil conditions at the site of the battle make it a treasure trove for archaeological finds. Parts of the earliest hand guns and the earliest bullet, ever to be recorded on an English battlefield, have been discovered at Towton. Arrow heads, spurs, belt buckles and strap-ends have been found in profusion. When Towton Hall was enlarged in the 1990’s, a mass grave was discovered under the foundations. The skeletons, men that died from extreme wounds, have been examined by a team of experts and date from the battle.

TBS is a registered Registered Charity: Number: 1043080