These are our 1461 Partners that have helped bring our website to life:

Welcome to Yorkshire

When you come to 1461 Country, you need not limit your visit to Towton. Ifyou visit us as a family or group, we realise that battlefield walks are not everyone’s cup of tea and somemembers of your party may have other pursuits and interests. That’s why we have teamed up withWelcome to Yorkshire so that you can thoroughly plan your trip to our County. You can book yourselfinto any one of our splendid hotels and ponder on what the region has to offer. You may accompanyDad on a battlefield walk or choose to go shopping with Mum or spend a day at a health spa. You’ll findsomething to suit everyone in Yorkshire. Visit


Alternatively, aims to provide visitors to Yorkshire with all they need toknow about the county. It has a little bit about places of interest, a little bit about our history and someuseful advice about where to stay and how to get around. All in all the little bits add up to the wonderthat is Yorkshire! An ever growing store of articles and pictures with something for everyone. Why not visit us now at



The making of this website would not have been possible without Roger Keech at rkproductions. Through his benevolence, we have been gifted iconic photographs and imagery. Inour humble opinion, the opening trailer he filmed, featuring Robert Hardy, is a masterpiece, full ofdrama and passion. Roger’s highly acclaimed TV programme of the Battle of Towton is now in DVDformat and is brim-full of spellbinding realism. His photography is represented in greetings cards andmounted pictures, depicting the battlefield and associated images. These items can be purchased shop or visit


Bolling Hall

Situated just a mile from Bradford city centre and situated in a quiet, leafy garden, Bolling Hall was for many years the seat of two important land-owning families, the Bollings and the Tempests. Both of these fine old Yorkshire families backed the Lancastrian cause at Towton, and although they survived the battle, their lands were forfeited to the victorious Yorkists.  They persevered and won them back though.  Find out how by visiting one of Yorkshire’s best preserved medieval buildings.


Natural England

When you walk around our battlefield, the Interpretation Boards anchor you to strategic locations, and really bring home how the drama of the day’s encounter unfolded.  This battlefield interpretation has been funded through Environmental Stewardship with the support of our 1461 Partner, Natural England.


Richard III Foundation

Towton Battlefield Society has had a long association with, and shares the same patron as the Richard III Foundation, a non-profit, educational organisation, dedicated to research and study into the life and reign of King Richard III.


TBS are proud to work with ARCH to fight battlefield crime. The Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage (ARCH) is a voluntary national network which will take forward initiatives to tackle heritage crime and galvanise local action as part of the National Heritage Protection Plan.

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