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As well as being the county that boasts the site of Britain’s bloodiest battle, Yorkshire can justifiably claim that more battles have been fought on its soil than any other shire in England. The aim of this map is to help you plan your visits to Yorkshire’s battlefield sites. Just click on the marker for a particular battlefield  to see the underlying narrative. We have included distances from Towton and also the distance to the nearest situated battlefield so that you can determine what’s achievable in any one day. Exact locations of ancient battles are hard to pinpoint.  Archaeology has helped tell us the exact location of battlefields like Towton, but such accuracy is a rarity, so some of the battlefield locations are an approximation, based on the best evidence available. Some battle sites are obscure in the present day, because a new housing estate has been built on it or they took place in a city centre, now much changed since the original encounter, but we aim to be as inclusive as possible.  We have colour coded those sites (with green) that have a lasting memorial or focal point that is clearly visible.  Others may not have very much to see for the casual observer, but we appreciate that the more avid site hunters will want to pay a visit anyway.  We have tried to twin each site with its nearest neighbour, using chronology where appropriate so that you can look at a medieval, dark ages or civil war cluster. We have relied heavily on David Cooke’s book Battlefield Yorkshire as the basis for this work.  Dave knows his subject well, as all those that read his book will agree:

Battlefield Yorkshire on

We hope you take pleasure in visiting our battlefields, soak up the atmosphere and, wherever possible, enjoy the dramatic Yorkshire countryside.


* You may have to pan and reposition the Google map to be able to read all of a markers description

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* Markers on this map are placed at the nearest town to each battlefield
Map Key

A: Hatfield – 633   B: Winwidfield – 654   C: Brunanburgh – 937   D: Fulford – 1066

E: Stamford Bridge – 1066   F: Battle of the Standard – 1138   G: Battle of Myton – 1319

H: Battle of Boroughbridge – 1322   I: Battle of Byland – 1322   J: Battle of Wakefield – 1460

K: Battle of Ferrybridge – 1461   L: Battle of Towton – 1461   M: Battle of Leeds – 1642

N: Battle of Tadcaster – 1642   O: Battle of Seacroft – 1643   P: Battle of Adwalton Moor – 1643

Q: Battle of Tankersley – 1643   R: Battle of Marston Moor – 1644   S: Battle of Selby – 1644

T: Battle of Flamborough Head – 1779   U: Battle of Bramham Moor -1408

V: Bombardment of Scarborough – 1914